Hayley Buckingham - HBE Dressage

I am a classically trained FEI Dressage rider with a knack for young horses. I enjoy training people who enjoy learning about effective riding techniques and enjoy working with their amazing horses. I work with horses of all shapes and sizes. I mold each program around the needs of each horse and rider combination. I pride myself on making horses "amateur-friendly" so each rider can begin to focus on improving their riding.

Call: (562) 217- 0981 


Madison Arena - Arena Equestrian

My philosophy on riding is that no matter what discipline you do, a solid foundation and good horsemanship is the most essential part of working with horses. I believe in listening to a horse's needs, and they will give you 100%. My mission is to develop well-rounded riders who value a partnership with their horse.

Call: (845) 825-0088 


Kristen Dvorak - KD Pacific Dressage

My focus is on developing confident, competent riders who build their skills from the ground up. I believe that solid basics build the best foundation—stressing safety, good technique, and developing connection between horse and rider. Growing up with horses from a young age, I have been a lifelong rider and competitor, gaining experience in multiple riding disciplines until ultimately focusing on dressage. I enjoy helping riders gain an understanding of what their horse is communicating to them and working with them to build a custom training plan that fits their goals and needs. My aim is to use dressage fundamentals to help each horse and rider develop their potential and create an enjoyable and harmonious partnership.

Call: (714) 401-5571