Hayley Buckingham - HBE Dressage

I am a classically trained FEI Dressage rider with a knack for young horses. I enjoy training people who enjoy learning about effective riding techniques and enjoy working with their amazing horses. I work with horses of all shapes and sizes. I mold each program around the needs of each horse and rider combination. I pride myself on making horses "amateur-friendly" so each rider can begin to focus on improving their riding.

Call: (562) 217- 0981 


Madison Arena - Arena Equestrian

My philosophy on riding is that no matter what discipline you do, a solid foundation and good horsemanship is the most essential part of working with horses. I believe in listening to a horse's needs, and they will give you 100%. My mission is to develop well-rounded riders who value a partnership with their horse.

Call: (845) 825-0088