Boarding and Feeding Rates


Basic Stall Fee Per Month (Includes one daily cleaning)

12 x 24 (1/3 cover) $460

12 x 24 (1/2 cover) $475

12 x 24 (Breezeway) $495

24 x 24 (1/3 cover) $595

Paddock $430

Reserve Stall $8 per day

*Prices effective January 1, 2023


Horses are fed three times per day and/or per bale. Just select what you want fed from the menu below, add up the three servings, and you arrive at your monthly feed charges. Another option is to pre-purchase 10 bales of any hay below for our per bale option which requires a hay bag or feed tub with the ability to fit a full 3 string bale. (Hay net may be purchased here: Hay Burners Equine)

Monthly feed charge example:

Full portion (5-6lbs.) Alfalfa $60

plus half portion (2-3lbs.) Orchard $35

plus full portion (5-6lbs.) Timothy $90

Total $185

Hay 2-3lbs. 5-6lbs.

Alfalfa $30 $60

Bermuda $30 $60

Orchard $35 $75

Timothy $45 $90

Teff Hay $30 $65

Per Bale Option

*Pre-purchase of 10 bales required

Alfalfa $27/bale

Bermuda $25/bale

Orchard $32/bale

Timothy $37/bale

Teff Hay $30/bale

Specialty/Supplemental feeding is $20 per feeding / per month charge.

Additional Rates / Month

Tack Shed Single $15

Tack Shed Double $30

Trailer Parking $100